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About the Show:

Some of the most heinous and shocking events throughout history have been perpetrated by political actors. 'Smoked Filled Rooms' will give you the most comprehensive deep dives into criminal leaders, parties, policies, and discontents. 

Spinning the popular true-crime podcast format, pour over the pages of political history and investigate some of the worst injustices political actors have ever carried out.


This podcast reveals the ugly layers underneath the glossy presentation of politics and the sinister agendas their planners hope to enact.

Host: Gregory Zink

I am the voice, writer, engineer, and researcher behind the "Smoke Filled Rooms" podcast.

I am first and foremost a father of two amazing boys. I do freelance political writing, have a Political-Science BA, and a liberty-minded individualist

Please reach out to me on Twitter at @GregZesq or @SmokyRoomsPod, subscribe to my Substack, and follow the show's Facebook Page or Instagram

Cheers and thanks for listening :)

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